Each and every person is unique.

Precision Medicine takes into account individual uniqueness to foster a safer and more effective treatment

But what about Mechanical Ventilation?

Ventilated lungs are heterogeneous and subject to non-natural positive pressure. Mechanical ventilation is an intricate, dynamic and potentially dangerous process that entails complex tradeoffs.

Precision Medicine is finally a reality in Mechanical Ventilation



By taking into account patient ́s lung heterogeneities and their unique physiological responses to mechanical ventilation, Timpel 1800 makes Precision Medicine a reality for ventilated patients protecting them from the hidden dangers and unwanted side effects caused by standard mechanical ventilation.



Timpel 1800 is a bedside expert system that provides real-time facts freeing caregivers from the limitation of making decisions based on assumptions. By giving instantaneous visual feedback of each patient’s individual response to ventilatory interventions, caregivers can foster the most appropriate ventilation strategy right from the beginning, to improve patient’s outcomes.



Timpel 1800 saves time at a moment when it counts most, giving visibility to otherwise hidden problems at the precise time of their occurrence, long before their clinical manifestations are detected by routine examinations. Problems can be treated before they turn into more serious complications.

Individualized, targeted and timely. Precision Ventilation made simple



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    1. The Ventilation Map, Dynamic Image, Plethysmogram and advanced Ventilatory Parameters provide instantaneous visual feedback of each patient’s individual response to interventions, fostering an individualized, targeted and timely ventilation.

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    2. The Perfusion Tool provides visibility and awareness of perfusion problems and of patient’s individual response to the complicated tradeo between ventilation and hemodynamics, fostering an individualized and timely treatment.

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    3. The Asynchrony Tool smartly integrates ventilator and EIT signals, allowing early detection of important problems related to patient-ventilator interaction that require an individualized and timely resetting of ventilator parameters. The caregiver receives an immediate and simple feedback of whether a certain intervention has succeeded in solving the problem.

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    4. With the PEEP Titration Tool, caregivers can better cope with patient’s lungs heterogeneity, abnormal pleural pressures, and the unique physiological response to a PEEP challenge. The detection of the individual best level of PEEP enables to minimize driving pressure and collapse delivering a targeted Precision Ventilation.

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The technology

Our CE approved Electrical Impedance Tomography measures the impedance variation from surface electrodes placed around the patient’s thorax, to provide clear, real-time and intuitive images and measurements of regional distribution of ventilation and perfusion within the lung.

It is simple, bedside, non-invasive and radiation-free.

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Who we are

We are passionate and moved by a cause: to make precision medicine a reality in ventilation to benefit patients, caregivers, hospitals and payers.

We are disruptive, in constant evolution. We promote a strong partnership between academy and industry.